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At InStyle Gates we strive to provide the best quality designs and security for your home that you can always depend on


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We’re a local, quality gate builder in the Peninsula and Bayside region that deliver superior service. Quality is paramount to us, so not only will you have a fresh, modern design but a level of finish you’d expect from only the best gate builders.

Because we limit our number of builds we’re able to give you the focus you deserve and put our attention to the things that matter most to you.

Put simply, it’s the safety of your property – providing you with peace of mind.

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InStyle Gates was founded in 2012 by Andrew Murphy, a local from Mordialloc with a distinctive desire to create stunning gates that keep people’s properties safe. The 11 years of experience and passion for craftmanship were the building blocks for a business that prides itself on bringing authenticity and simplicity to the gate and fence market.

InStyle Gates was established with a game changing objective: To secure people’s homes and commercial properties with stunning design, functionality and to obsess over clients not competitors.

What our clients are saying

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Install Zone

Our standard install zone covers the majority of Bayside and the Mornington Peninsula region. If you are interested our services outside of our standard install zone enquire within.

Here’s 7 reasons why InStyle Gates Is Your Best Choice

Some gate builders just build gates. We deliver so much more:

1 On-site and off the plan quotes
2 Local gate fabrication with the highest quality materials on the market
3 A broad range of gates to match the style of your property
4 Family owned and operated that you can rely on
5 Residential and commercial installations
6 Automation of standard gates
7 Emergency repairs and regular servicing
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