Our Evolutionary Signature Gates

The Beaumaris

The Beaumaris provides your home with a rustic grandeur that all homes truly deserve. The Beaumaris can be a Vertical or Horizontal Merbau board and also comes raw or stained.

The Black Rock

The Black Rock is for the privacy seeking individual and also brings elegance to your home frontage. Turn marine grade ply into a rusty sheet of steel for a unique look.

The Hampton

The Hampton has crisp sharp lines fixed either vertically or horizontally that truely exposes the beauty of your landscape whilst still offering the security you demand.

The Hawthorn

The Hawthorn has hidden beauty making both sides of this fence a talking point in any household. Mini corrugated steel is painted to your chosen colour, making your gate a main feature.

The Yarra

The Yarra compliments any ultra modern house facade while getting maximum security. Your choice of hundreds of powder coating colours.

The Carnegie

The Carnegie showcases the widely popular capped pickets that suit almost every home style and colour. Each picket is individually painted to suit your home.